Chevrolet Equinox manuals

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Suspension

Steering Wheel Adjustment Steering Wheel and Column
To adjust the steering wheel:Pull the lever down.Move the steering wheel up or down.Pull or push the steering wheel closer or away from you.Pull the lever up to lock the steering wheel in place.Do not ...

Adhesives, Fluids, Lubricants, and Sealers
Adhesives, Fluids, Lubricants, and SealersApplicationType of MaterialGM Part NumberUSCanadaFront and Rear Wheel Bearing/Hub Mounting BoltsThread Locker©8902129710953488 ...

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Case - Torque Converter and Differential Housing Side Automatic Transmission Unit
Case-–-Torque Converter andDifferential Housing Side(2)Line(7)Cooler Feed(8)Lube(9)Regulated Apply(10)Exhaust Backfill(12)PCS Line(21)35 Reverse Clutch(32)26 Clutch(33)456 Clutch(34)PCS TCC(38)Seal Drainback(39)Vent ...

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