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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Brakes

Suspension Strut Disposal Strut Assembly
Warning:Use the proper eye protection when drilling to prevent metalchips from causing physical injury.Clamp the strut in a vise horizontally with the rod-(1) completely extended.Drill a hole in the s ...

Brake Component Specifications
Brake Component SpecificationsApplicationSpecificationMetricEnglishBrake Caliper Bleeder Valve- Front10-Y89-lb-inBrake Caliper Bleeder Valve- Rear10-Y89-lb-in ...

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Low and Reverse and 1-2-3-4 Clutch Housing Disassemble Automatic Transmission Unit Automatic Clutches
Table 1: Low and Reverse Clutch Piston RemovalTable 2: 1–2–3–4 Clutch PistonRemovalLow and Reverse Clutch Piston RemovalLow and Reverse Clutch Piston RemovalCalloutComponent Name1Low and Reverse Clutch Spring RetainerSpecial ToolGE-8059Snap RingPliers-–-Parallel JawFor equivalent regional to ...

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