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Object Detection Description and Operation (Forward Collision Alert, UEU)
The forward collision alert system is a convenience feature of the front view camerathat issues a warning to the driver when a potential collision risk exists. The frontview camera is located behind t ...

Text Messaging
For vehicles equipped with Bluetooth capability, the system, if equipped with textmessaging, can display text messages, play back a message over the audio system, andsend a predefined message. Not all ...

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Piston, Connecting Rod, and Bearing Cleaning and Inspection Engine Block Cylinder Block Piston Assembly
Cleaning ProcedureNote:DO NOT wire brush any part of the piston.Clean the piston skirts and the pins with a cleaningsolvent.Clean the piston ring grooves with a groove cleaner. Ensurethat the oil ring holes and slots are clean.Warning:Refer toSafety Glasses Warning.Dry the piston with compressed air ...

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