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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Object Detection Description and Operation (Forward Collision Alert, UEU)

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The forward collision alert system is a convenience feature of the front view camerathat issues a warning to the driver when a potential collision risk exists. The frontview camera is located behind the windshield, looking out at the road ahead and detectingvehicles directly ahead, within a distance of approximately 60-meters (197-ft). Theforward collision alert system is always active and operates at speeds above 40-kph(25-mph). When the system detects a vehicle in the path ahead, the green vehicle aheadindicator in the vehicle direction display is illuminated. When approaching anothervehicle too rapidly, the collision alert symbol will flash in the vehicle directiondisplay. Simultaneously an audible alert sounds. Forward collision alert does notwarn the driver of any objects that are not detected as a vehicle, like e.g. pedestrians,animals, signs,guard rails, bridges, construction barrels or other stationary or slow moving objects.The forward collision alert timing sensitivity to control the distance to the vehicleahead can be set using the forward collision alert switch in the left steering wheelcontrols.

In some cases the camera may detect a vehicle that is not in the path ahead, or thesystem may occasionally provide unrealistic alerts. This could respond to a turningvehicle ahead, guard rails, traffic signs, or other stationary objects. This is normaloperation, the vehicle does not need service. Forward collision alert may sometimesset unnecessary alerts to turning vehicles, vehicles in other lanes, objects thatare not vehicles,or shadows. These alerts are normal operation and the vehicle does not need service.

The forward collision alert system is made up of the following components:

Front view camera moduleForward collision alert switchInstrument cluster / Vehicle direction displayRadio

Front View Camera Module

The camera detects vehicles in front of the host vehicle. The front view camera modulerequests the green vehicle ahead alert indicator in the vehicle direction displayON via serial data when the front view camera system has detected a vehicle in thedriving path ahead. The front view camera module also communicates via serial datawith the driver information center and the radio to request visual and audible alerts.

Lane departure warning system unavailableForward collision alert OFFService front camera

Forward Collision Alert Switch

The forward collision alert switch provides an input to the front view camera moduleto select the alert timing sensitivity when approaching another vehicle too rapidly.The front view camera module provides a signal voltage to the normally open switch.When the switch is pressed, the signal circuit is pulled to ground, indicating tothe front view camera module that the system has been requested to change the alerttiming sensitivity.The first button press shows the current alert timing setting on the driver informationcenter. With every button press, the alert timing sensitivity is changed. The currentalert timing setting will be maintained until it is changed. The preset alert timingsetting is displayed in the top line of the driver information center. The positionof the forward collision alert switch can vary with different vehicles. For the exactposition pleaserefer to the user's manual.

Instrument Cluster

The Vehicle direction display contains the green vehicle ahead indicator, which indicatesto the driver that the Front View Camera system has detected a vehicle in the drivingpath ahead and is controlled via serial data. When approaching another vehicle toorapidly, the collision alert symbol will flash in the Vehicle direction display. Thered Front collision alert display will stay continuously illuminated if the vehicleahead remainsmuch too close.


The radio controls the audible alert for the forward collision alert system. If thehost vehicle is approaching another vehicle too rapidly, the radio will command anaudible alert to the driver.

Forward Collision Alert System Driver Information Center Messages

The front view camera module can command the driver information center to displaythe various messages to alert the driver of a system concern or status information.For detailed information about the possible messages please refer to the user's manual.

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