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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Front View Camera Module Calibration

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Accessories / Driver Assist / Front View Camera Module Calibration

The calibration procedure will start automatically after SPS programming is complete.During this time the Lane Departure Warning amber indicator will illuminate.


The calibration process for the front view camera system is necessary when a frontview camera module is replaced by a new one. This process shall not be required whenonly replacing the windshield and the front view camera module has been mounted againproperly. This process shall be completed within 3–5-minutes when the correct drivingconditions are met. If conditions are not met correct, the front view camera moduleshall continuouslyrun the service point calibration until successfully completed. This process shallwork across ignition cycles and shall not be required to be re-initialized at startup. If the Lane Departure Warning Switch is pressed during calibration, the indictorwill flash momentarily and then stay out — this is normal operation.

To calibrate the front camera, operate the vehicle in the following conditions untilthe calibration is complete:

Clean windshield.Avoid lane changes.Maintain vehicle speeds between 56–90-km/h (35–56-MPH).Ensure the road contains visible references (well defined lane markings, curbs, etc.).

Once the procedure is complete, the amber indicator will turn off. Shortly after thegreen ready to assist light should turn on as long as all conditions are met for normaloperation. The system is then ready to assist.

If Slow to Calibrate

One or more of the following conditions may increase the length of time required tocomplete the self-calibration procedure:

Heavy trafficStop and go trafficMountain roadsCurves in roadwayPoor contrast lane markingsBotts' Dots type lane markingsOperating the vehicle speed is greater than 90-km/h (56-MPH)Driving through snow or fog, or driving directly into the sunCamera not properly installed. Verify it is snapped into tabs and is secure. RefertoFront View Camera Replacement.No Calibration

Conditions that will prevent completion of the self-calibration procedure:

Dirty windshield glass or obstruction on windshieldOperating the vehicle with speed less than 56-km/h (35-MPH)No visible lane markingsSevere weather where lane markings cannot be seenCamera not properly installed. Verify it is snapped into tabs and is secure. RefertoFront View Camera Replacement.
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