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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Text Messaging

For vehicles equipped with Bluetooth capability, the system, if equipped with textmessaging, can display text messages, play back a message over the audio system, andsend a predefined message. Not all phones support all functions and work with Bluetooth.The radio only supports the receipt of SMS text messages. A request may need to beaccepted on the phone or some phone settings may need to be changed to allow textmessaging to function.See the cell phone manufacturer’s user guide.

Using Text Messaging

Text Messaging


Press the Messages button on the Home Page or select Text Messages from the Phone main screen. Until all text messages are retrieved, the Home Page icon will remain grayand the Phone main screen option will be removed.

This feature will be disabled if the paired Bluetooth device does not support SMSText Messaging.

Text Messaging


Once all messages are retrieved, the Text Message Inbox displays. Select a message for viewing. Viewing messages is only available whilethe vehicle is not in motion.

Text Messaging


View the message or select Listen to hear the message through voice recognition. The message view screen is lockedout while the vehicle is in motion.Select Call to dial the contact or number associated with the text. Not all phones allow callingthe sender of the message and will result in not being able to select Call.Select Reply to reply to a text message that was received as an incoming message. Not all phonesallow message sending.

Text Messaging


Select the desired message from the display of predefined messages to send as thereply message.

Text Messaging


Select Send to send that message.Select Back to cancel and return to the previous screen.

Incoming Text Messages

Text Messaging


A pop-up screen is displayed when there is an incoming text. The pop-up will remainon the screen until Dismiss is selected.

Select Listen to hear the message through voice recognition.Select View to view the message. Viewing is not available while the vehicle is in motion.Select Reply to reply to the message using a predefined message.Select Call to dial the contact or number associated with the text.Select Dismiss to close out the incoming pop-up message screen.

Text Messaging Settings

Text Messaging


Text Message Settings are available from the Text Message Inbox.

Text Messaging


Select Manage Predefined Messages to create a user defined message that can be used later to reply to a text message.Select Text Alerts to choose the alert behavior for incoming text messages:Text alert with toneTone onlyOff

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