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Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: Vehicle Care

Conversions and Add-Ons
Add-On Electrical Equipment Warning The Data Link Connector (DLC) is used for vehicle service and Emission Inspection/Maintenance testing. See Malfunction Indicator Lamp. A dev ...

General Information
For service and parts needs, visit your dealer. You will receive genuine GM parts and GM-trained and supported service people. Genuine GM parts have one of these marks: ...

Other materials:

Engine Block Assemble Engine Block
Apply sealant to all plugs-(1, 2, 3) prior toinstallation. Refer toAdhesives, Fluids, Lubricants, and Sealers.Install the drain plug, with sealant, in the waterpump.Caution:Refer toFastener Caution.Install the coolant jacket plugs, with sealant, and tightento35-Y(26-lb-ft).Install the rear oil passa ...

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