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Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: Doing Your Own Service Work

Warning It can be dangerous to work on your vehicle if you do not have the proper knowledge, service manual, tools, or parts. Always follow owner's manual procedures and consult the service manual for your vehicle before doing any service work.

If doing some of your own service work, use the proper service manual. It tells you much more about how to service the vehicle than this manual can. To order the proper service manual, see Service Publications Ordering Information.

This vehicle has an airbag system.

Before attempting to do your own service work, see Servicing the Airbag-Equipped Vehicle.

Keep a record with all parts receipts and list the mileage and the date of any service work performed. See Maintenance Records.

Caution Even small amounts of contamination can cause damage to vehicle systems. Do not allow contaminants to contact the fluids, reservoir caps, or dipsticks.
Vehicle Checks

To open the hood: Pull the hood release lever with this symbol on it. It is on the lower left side of the instrument panel between the door and the steering wheel. Go to the fron ...

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