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Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: Engine Oil

To ensure proper engine performance and long life, careful attention must be paid to engine oil.

Following these simple, but important steps will help protect your investment:

Engine Compartment Overview
1.5L Gas Engine Engine Air Cleaner/Filter.  Engine Oil Fill Cap. See Engine Oil.  Engine Oil Dipstick. See Engine Oil.  Engine Cooling Fan. See Cooling System. &nb ...

Checking Engine Oil
Check the engine oil level regularly, every 650 km (400 mi), especially prior to a long trip. The engine oil dipstick handle is a loop. See Engine Compartment Overview for the location. Wa ...

Other materials:

Power Steering Control Module Calibration Steering Control
Steering Angle Sensor Centering and Software Endstop LearningWarning:An inaccurate or not centered steering angle sensor couldlimit the operation of the electric power steering-(EPS)and result in personal injury.Centering of the steering angle sensor and software endstop learning might be requiredaf ...

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