Chevrolet Equinox manuals

Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: Replacement Bulbs

Exterior Lamp

Bulb Number

Base Headlamp HIR2
Sidemarker 194
Stoplamp/Taillamp/ Rear Turn Signal W21WLL
License Plate W5WLL

For replacement bulbs not listed here, contact your dealer.

License Plate Lamp
Lamp Assembly Bulb Assembly Bulb Socket  Bulb  Lamp Assembly To replace one of these bulbs:  Open the liftgate partway. See Liftgate.  Push the lamp ass ...

Electrical System

Other materials:

Fastener Tightening Specifications (Off Vehicle) Automatic Transmission Unit
Fastener Tightening SpecificationsApplicationRef No.*QuantitySizeSpecificationMetricEnglishA/Trans Auxiliary Fluid Pump Outlet Bolt-(HybridModels)3504—22-Y16-lb-ftA/Trans Auxiliary Fluid Pump Bolt-(HybridModels)3551—22-Y16-lb-ftA/Trans Auxiliary Fluid Pump (Pump to Motor)Bolt-(Hybrid Models)3704 ...

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