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Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: Towing

Caution Incorrectly towing a disabled vehicle may cause damage. The damage would not be covered by the vehicle warranty.

Do not lash or hook to suspension components. Use the proper straps around the tires to secure the vehicle.

Use only a flatbed tow truck for towing a disabled vehicle. Never use a sling type lift or damage will occur. Use ramps to help reduce approach angles if necessary.

A towed vehicle should have its drive wheels off the ground.

Consult a professional towing service if the disabled vehicle must be towed.

The vehicle is equipped with tow eye. Only use the tow eye to pull the vehicle onto a flatbed car carrier from a flat road surface. Do not use the tow eye to pull the vehicle from snow, mud, or sand. See Tire Changing.

Towing the Vehicle

Front Tow Eye
Carefully open the cover by using the small notch that conceals the front tow eye socket. Install the tow eye into the socket by turning it clockwise until it stops in a horizontal positi ...

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