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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: "Wipers, Washers"

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Body / "Wipers, Washers"

Anti-Corrosion Treatment and Repair Emblems/Decals/Paint
Warning:When applying sound deadeners, or anti-corrosion materialsdue care and preventative measures must be exercised to prevent anymaterial from being sprayed into door and quarter panel mechanismss ...

Air Inlet Screen Replacement (Terrain)
Air Inlet Screen ReplacementCalloutComponent NamePreliminary ProceduresRemove both windshield wiper arms. Refer toWindshield Wiper Arm Replacement.Remove both air inlet grille panel extensions. Refer ...

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Control Valve Body Cover Installation Automatic Transmission Unit Control Valve Body
Control Valve Body Cover InstallationCalloutComponent Name1Input Speed Sensor Connector2Output Speed Sensor Connector3Shift Position Switch Connector4Control Valve Body Cover Wiring Connector Hole SealNote:Do not re-use the valve body cover wiring connector hole seal.5Control Valve Body Cover Gasket ...

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