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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Driveline Working Angles Adjustment

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Powertrain / Driveline / Driveline Working Angles Adjustment

Note:This procedure is intended to be used for vehicles where thefollowing conditions are met:

Vehicle trim heights are within specificationguidelines.The vehicle exhibits no signs of aftermarket modificationsthat may affect driveline working angles.The vehicle exhibits no signs of accident damage which mayaffect the position of the drive axle, or axles, the propellershaft support bearing, if equipped, or the transmission or transfercase, if equipped.

Drive axle wind-up may cause a launch shudder condition evenwhen all of the driveline working angles are within specifications.Drive axle wind-up occurs when heavy torque during accelerationcauses the pinion nose to pivot upward. Excessively worn or damagedaxle mounting components and/or overloading or unevenly loading thevehicle may contribute to a launch shudder condition.

For solid axles equipped with a leaf spring suspension,inspect the leaf springs, mount bushings, and mounting hardware forexcessive wear or damage.For solid axles equipped with a non-leaf spring suspension,inspect the suspension links and link mounts and/or bushings forexcessive wear or damage.For direct-mount axles, inspect any axle mount brackets fordamage and inspect the axle mounts and/or bushings for excessivewear or damage.Inspect the structure to which the suspension attaches toensure no deformities or damage exists.Inspect the propeller shaft support bearing assembly fordamaged rubber components, worn bearings, and/or a deformed/crackedbracket.Inspect the propeller shaft support bearing assembly andmounting bracket, if equipped, for loose or missing shims.Reinstall correctly or replace any shims as necessary to ensureproper alignment of the support bearing assembly.Inspect the structure to which the support bearing assemblyattaches to ensure no deformities or damage exists.Inspect any transmission or transfer case mount bracket orbrackets for damage and inspect the mount or mounts for excessivewear, damage, and/or deformities.Inspect the structure to which the transmission or transfercase attaches to ensure no deformities or damage exists.Repair or replace parts as indicated by theinspections.If excessively worn or damaged parts were repaired orreplaced, re-measure the driveline working angles and road test thevehicle to ensure proper operation of the driveline system.
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