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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Security & Keyless Entry

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Accessories / Security & Keyless Entry

Voice Recognition
Voice recognition allows for hands-free operation of the infotainment system features.Voice recognition can be used when the radio is on or when Retained Accessory Power(RAP) is active. See “Retaine ...

Remote Vehicle Speed Limiting Description and Operation Immobilizer
Certain vehicles equipped with OnStar® now have anadditional feature that allows for remote limiting of the vehicle'sspeed. This OnStar® feature is called Stolen VehicleSlow-Down and is now part of ...

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Fastener Tightening Specifications (Off Vehicle) Automatic Transmission Unit
Fastener Tightening SpecificationsApplicationRef No.*QuantitySizeSpecificationMetricEnglishA/Trans Auxiliary Fluid Pump Outlet Bolt-(HybridModels)3504—22-Y16-lb-ftA/Trans Auxiliary Fluid Pump Bolt-(HybridModels)3551—22-Y16-lb-ftA/Trans Auxiliary Fluid Pump (Pump to Motor)Bolt-(Hybrid Models)3704 ...

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