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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Refrigerant Recovery and Recharging

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / HVAC / Cooling / Refrigerant Recovery and Recharging

Special Tools

J 34100Smart Cart

Warning:To prevent personal injury, avoid breathing A/C Refrigerantand lubricant vapor or mist. Work in a well ventilated area. Toremove refrigerant from the A/C System, use service equipmentdesigned for recovery that is certified to meet the requirements ofthe appropriate SAE Standards. If an accidental system dischargeoccurs, ventilate the work area before continuing service.Additional health and safety information may be obtained from therefrigerant, refrigerant recovery, and lubricantmanufacturers.

Warning:For personal protection, goggles and lint-free gloves shouldbe worn and a clean cloth wrapped around fittings, valves, andconnections when doing work that includes opening the refrigerantsystem. If refrigerant comes in contact with any part of the bodysevere frostbite and personal injury can result. The exposed areashould be flushed immediately with cold water and prompt medicalhelp should be obtained.

Caution:You must replace the desiccant if the A/C refrigerant systemhas been open to atmosphere for more than four hours, or if the A/Crefrigerant oil has been contaminated. Failure to replace thedesiccant will result in damage to the A/C refrigerantsystem.

Caution:R-134a is the only approved refrigerant for use in thisvehicle. The use of any other refrigerant may result in poor systemperformance or component failure.

Caution:To avoid system damage use only R-134a dedicated tools whenservicing the A/C system.

Caution:Use only Polyalkylene Glycol Synthetic Refrigerant Oil (PAG)for internal circulation through the R-134a A/C system and only 525viscosity mineral oil on fitting threads and O-rings. If lubricantsother than those specified are used, compressor failure and/orfitting seizure may result.

TheJ 34100Smart Cartis a complete air conditioning service center for R-134a.The Smart Cart recovers, recycles, evacuates and recharges A/Crefrigerant quickly, accurately and automatically. The unit has adisplay screen that contains the function controls and displaysprompts that will lead the technician through the recover, recycle,evacuate and recharge operations. R-134a is recovered into andcharged out of an internal storage vessel. The ACR 2000automatically replenishes this vessel from an external source tankin order to maintain a constant 5.45–6.82-kg(12–15-lbs) of A/C refrigerant.

The Smart Cart has a built in A/C refrigerant identifier thatwill test for contamination, prior to recovery and will notify thetechnician if there are foreign gases present in the A/C system. Ifforeign gases are present, the Smart Cart will not recover therefrigerant from the A/C system.

The Smart Cart also features automatic air purge, single passrecycling and an automatic oil drain.

Refer to theJ 34100Smart CartSmart Cart manual for operation and setup instruction.Always recharge the A/C System with the proper amount of R-134a.Refer toRefrigerant System Specificationsfor the correctamount.

A/C Refrigerant System Oil Charge Replenishing

If oil was removed from the A/C system during the recoveryprocess or due to component replacement, the oil must bereplenished.

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