Chevrolet Equinox manuals

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: HVAC Controls

Windshield Defroster Duct Replacement
Windshield Defroster Duct ReplacementCalloutComponent NamePreliminary ProcedureRemove the instrument panel lower trim panel retainer. RefertoLower Trim Pad Retainer Replacement.1Remove Windsheild Defr ...

Blower Motor Control Module Replacement
Blower Motor Control Module ReplacementCalloutComponent NamePreliminary ProceduresRemove the instrument panel insulator panel right side. RefertoInstrument Panel Insulator Panel Replacement - Right Si ...

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Oil Filter Adapter Installation Engine Lubrication Oil Filter
Position a NEW oil filter adapter gasket onto the oil filteradapter.Place the oil filter adapter into position.Caution:Refer toFastener Caution.Install the oil filter adapter bolts. Ensure the longerbolts-(1) is installed in the upper rear position andtighten the oil filter adapter bolts to25-Y(18-l ...

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