Chevrolet Equinox manuals

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Driver Assist

Immobilizer System Component Programming Immobilizer
This procedure will learn the immobilizer function. If the battery voltage is low,charge the battery before proceeding with the learn. If the body control module (BCM)or engine control module (ECM) ha ...

Cruise Control Description and Operation Cruise Control
Cruise control is a speed control system that maintains a desired vehicle speed undernormal driving conditions at speeds above 40-km/h (25-mph). Steep grades may causevariations in the selected vehicl ...

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Rear Side Door Window Belt Reveal Molding Replacement Doors
Rear Side Door Window Belt Reveal Molding ReplacementCalloutComponent Name1Rear Side Door Window Belt Reveal MoldingProcedurePlace the window in the fully down position.Apply masking tape to the applique to protect thefinish.Start at the front edge of the rear side door window revealmolding, pull up ...

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