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Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: What Fuel to Use in the U.S. (Diesel)

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Use of diesel fuel with ultra low sulfur content (15 ppm, maximum) is required. Look for service station fuel dispensers with this label in green:

What Fuel to Use in the U.S. (Diesel)

The diesel fuel must meet ASTM International specification D 975, Grades No. 2-D or No. 1-D S15, also known as Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel. Contact a fuel supplier or fueling station with any questions.

Diesel Fuel Grades

For best results use No. 2-D diesel fuel year-round because it is blended for seasonal temperature differences, both above and below freezing conditions. No. 1-D diesel also meeting ASTM International D975 fuel can be used in very cold temperatures (below -18 C orF); however, it will reduce power and fuel economy. Avoid using No. 1-D diesel fuel in warm or hot climates.

It can result in stalling, poor starting when the engine is hot, and damage to the fuel injection system.

Premium Diesel Fuel

Premium Diesel Fuel (FQP-1A) corresponds to the Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) Recommended Guideline. It may provide less noise, better starting, and better vehicle performance, but is not required.

Biodiesel Blends

Retail pumps dispensing blends containing up to 5% biodiesel (B5) are not required to be labeled with the concentration of biodiesel.

Blends up to B5 must meet ASTM D975 (Grades No. 2-D or No. 1-D S15 Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel). When refueling with a biodiesel blend above B5, one of the following labels should appear on the dispenser:

Biodiesel Blends

Blends containing more than 5% and up to 20% biodiesel must meet ASTM specification D7467 (Biodiesel blend, B6 - B20) and are labeled with an orange or blue pump label. To reduce the risk of poor quality fuel, purchase biodiesel blends from a fuel supplier or fueling station that sells BQ-9000 certified biodiesel. See for a list of certified marketers. See Biodiesel.

Fuel for Diesel Engines
The selection of a high quality fuel is important for maintaining optimum performance. Do not use diesel fuel with more than 15 ppm sulfur content. Do not use a diesel blend containing more than ...

What Fuel to Use in Canada and Mexico (Diesel)

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