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Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: Fuel for Diesel Engines

The selection of a high quality fuel is important for maintaining optimum performance. Do not use diesel fuel with more than 15 ppm sulfur content. Do not use a diesel blend containing more than 20% biodiesel by volume. Both diesel and biodiesel blends must meet all the requirements as defined in the most current versions of the local fuel standards. See the recommended fuels under What Fuel to Use in the U.S. (Diesel) and What Fuel to Use in Canada and Mexico (Diesel).

Caution Engine damage may occur if recommended fuels are not used, which may void the vehicle warranty. Some improper fuels are:
  •  Diesel fuel with the addition of gasoline.
  • Diesel fuel mixed with engine oil or automatic transmission fluid.
  •  Triglyceride fuels, such as raw vegetable oil or animal fat, in any form, including with blends of diesel or biodiesel.
  •  Marine diesel fuel and fuel oils.
  •  Diesel-water emulsions, such as Aquazole.
  •  Aftermarket diesel fuel additives, which contain alcohols, organo-metallic additives, or water emulsifiers.
  •  Diesel fuel with sulfur greater than 15 ppm.
  •  Diesel-biodiesel blends not within the required specification.

Some conditions, such as dirty fuel, may decrease fuel filter life and a CHANGE FUEL FILTER message may come on in the Driver Information Center (DIC).

Fuel Additives
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What Fuel to Use in the U.S. (Diesel)
Use of diesel fuel with ultra low sulfur content (15 ppm, maximum) is required. Look for service station fuel dispensers with this label in green: The diesel fuel must meet ASTM Internationa ...

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