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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Vibrate Software Description and Operation

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Vehicle - General / Vibrate Software Description and Operation

TheEL-38792-VSVibrate Software, is a computer software program which is designed to beused in support of the Vibration Analysis diagnostic tables, alongwith theEL-38792-AElectronic Vibration Analyzer(EVA)-2, and a scan tool, to help in determining the source of avibration concern. TheEL-38792-VSVibrate Softwareis designed to provide quick calculations and produce achart of the rotational speeds and frequency ranges for specificvehicle systems and components, based upon vehicle data parametersinputted by the user.

TheEL-38792-VSVibrate Softwareuses the vehicle data parameters, such as axle ratio,number of engine cylinders, etc. to create the base chart,depicting the relationships of the various vehicle systems and/orcomponents. The chart view can be modified to show data related tovehicle speed only, engine speed only, or both vehicle speed andengine speed. The user can then plot the dominant frequency readingobtained on theEL-38792-AElectronic Vibration Analyzer(EVA)-2which correlates with the vibration concern, and theengine RPM obtained on a scan tool which correlates with theconcern. Once these pieces of data are correctly plotted, the chartwill point to the source of the vibration concern, which shouldconfirm the results obtained through the Vibration Analysisdiagnostic tables.

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