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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Trailer Hitch Draw Bar Package Installation

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Installation Instructions Part Number


Hitch Capacity

Gross: 3500 pounds Maximum Trailer Weight

Loads: 400 pounds Maximum Tongue Weight

Note:Use as weight carrying only.

Important:Although this hitch is designed to safely tow its rated load, we recommend that youconsult your vehicle owners manual for possible manufacturers recommendations or limitation.Be sure your trailer has safety chains and that each chain will hold the trailer’smaximum gross weight.

Kit Contents




Trailer Hitch


M12 x 40 Bolt


M12 x 45 Bolt with Washer


U-Spring Nut


Trailer Harness

Tools NeededTorque Wrench15mm SocketProcedureTrailer Hitch InstallationRaise and secure the vehicle on hoist.


Wear Safety glasses in order to avoid eye damage.In order to avoid being burned, do not service the exhaust system while it is stillhot. Service the system when it is cool.Remove the two push pins holding the bottom closeout panel to the fascia. Remove thecloseout panel.

Trailer Hitch Draw Bar Package Installation

Install the two U-Spring Nuts-(1) to the rear bumper impact bar-(2), if required.

Trailer Hitch Draw Bar Package Installation

Caution:Use the correct fastener in the correct location. Replacementfasteners must be the correct part number for that application.Fasteners requiring replacement or fasteners requiring the use ofthread locking compound or sealant are identified in the serviceprocedure. Do not use paints, lubricants, or corrosion inhibitorson fasteners or fastener joint surfaces unless specified. Thesecoatings affect fastener torque and joint clamping force and maydamage the fastener. Use the correct tightening sequence andspecifications when installing fasteners in order to avoid damageto parts and systems.

Support hitch assembly-(1) and attach to the vehicle frame with two M12 x 40 hex flangebolts-(2) to the existing weld nuts on both sides of the vehicle.

Note:Do not tighten bolts until all have been installed.

Trailer Hitch Draw Bar Package Installation

Install two M12 x 45 hex flange bolts-(1) through front hitch bracket into impactbeam as shown.


Tighten the M12 x 40 bolts to 100-Y (74-ft-lb) and the M12 x 45 bolts to 75-Y (55-ft-lb)Trailer Harness Installation

Note:Trailer harness installation for 2010 vehicles produced prior to 11/17/2009 only.Programming not required for all others.

Note:Installing this trailer harness system requires programming of the vehicle. This isdone with the Service Programming System in TIS2WEB. The installer needs to call theTechline Customer Support Center (TCSC). The TCSC will update the vehicle calibrationsin TIS2WEB.

Tool Required

Scan Tool

Service Programming System (SPS-TIS2WEB)

Also Required

Call TCSC (1-800-828-6860) to obtain programming instructions.

Note:You must have the vehicle’s VIN that will be upgraded:

Trailer Hitch Draw Bar Package Installation

Note:The spare tire is located under the load floor in the rear cargo area.

Remove the load floor panel-(1) and unscrew the bolt-(2) in the center of spare tire.Remove the spare tire-(3).

Trailer Hitch Draw Bar Package Installation

Remove the rear sill trim panel-(1) by unsnapping the four retainers.

Trailer Hitch Draw Bar Package Installation

Remove the drain plug located at the bottom left hand side of the spare tire compartment.Place the 4 - wire connector of the trailer harness through the drain hole-(1) andseat the channel of the grommet-(2) in the hole. When the grommet is properly installedit will not pull out of the hole easily.Pull back the bottom of the driver’s side kick panel, there will be a wire harnesswith a 4 - wire connector at the end. The trailer harness-(1) will be plugged intothis connector.Route the rest of harness and connect the 4 - wire connector to the vehicle connector.Attach harness with adhesive pad-(3) to vehicle.

Trailer Hitch Draw Bar Package Installation

Connect the trailer harness-(2) to the harness pigtail-(1) that is already mountedon the hitch.Install spare tire, rear trim panel, load floor, and storage compartment cover.

Note:Always unplug your trailer harness from the vehicle trailer harness before backingtrailer into water.

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