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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Towing Equipment


Use the correct hitch equipment. See your dealer or a hitch dealer for assistance.

The rear bumper on the vehicle is not intended for hitches. Do not attach rental hitchesor other bumper-type hitches to it. Use only a frame-mounted hitch that does not attachto the bumper.Will any holes be made in the body of the vehicle when the trailer hitch is installed-If so, seal the holes when the hitch is removed. If the holes are not sealed, dirt,water, and deadly carbon monoxide (CO) from the exhaust can get into the vehicle.SeeEngine Exhaust.Safety Chains

Always attach chains between the vehicle and the trailer. Cross the safety chainsunder the tongue of the trailer to help prevent the tongue from contacting the roadif it becomes separated from the hitch. Leave enough slack so the rig can turn. Neverallow safety chains to drag on the ground.

Trailer Brakes

Does the trailer have its own brakes- Be sure to read and follow the instructionsfor the trailer brakes so they are installed, adjusted, and maintained properly.

Because the vehicle has antilock brakes, do not tap into the vehicle's brake system.If this is done, both brake systems will not work well, or at all.

Driving Characteristics and Towing Tips
Driving with a TrailerWhen towing a trailer:Become familiar with the state and local laws that apply specifically to trailer towing.Do not tow a trailer during the first 800 km (500-miles), to prevent ...

Trailer Hitch Draw Bar Package Installation
Installation Instructions Part Number19244244Hitch CapacityGross: 3500 pounds Maximum Trailer WeightLoads: 400 pounds Maximum Tongue WeightNote:Use as weight carrying only.Important:Although this hitc ...

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