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Torque Steer Description Wheels

A vehicle pulls or leads in one direction during hardacceleration. A vehicle pulls or leads in the other directionduring deceleration.

The following factors may cause torque steer to be moreapparent on a particular vehicle:

A slightly smaller diameter tire on the right front increasesa right torque lead. Inspect the front tires for differences in thebrand, the construction, or the size. If the tires appear to besimilar, change the front tires from side-to-side and retest thevehicle. Tire and wheel assemblies have the most significant effecton torque steer correction.A large difference in the right and left front tirepressureLeft-to-right differences in the front view axle angle maycause significant steering pull in a vehicle. The pull will be tothe side with the most downward sloping axle from the differentialto the wheels. Axles typically slope downward from thedifferential. The slope of the transaxle pan to level ground may beused as an indication of bias axle angles. The side with the highertransaxle pan (shown on the left side of the illustration) has themost downward sloping axle angle.
Lead/Pull Description Wheels
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Tire and Wheel Balancing (Wheel Pilot Bore Greasing) Wheels
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