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Tire-to-Wheel Match-Mounting (Vectoring) Wheels

Note:After remounting a tire to a wheel or after replacing a tireand/or a wheel, remeasure the tire and wheel assembly runout inorder to verify that the amount of runout has been reduced andbrought to within tolerances. Ensure that the tire and wheelassembly is properly balanced before reinstalling to thevehicle.

Mark the location of the high spot-(3) on the tireas determined during the off-vehicle tire and wheel assembly runoutmeasurement.Place a reference mark-(2) on the tire sidewall atthe location of the valve stem-(5).Always refer to the valve stem as the 12-o'clockposition.Refer to the location of the high spot-(3) by itsclock position on the wheel, relative to the valve stem.Mount the tire and wheel assembly on a tire machine and breakdown the bead. Do not dismount the tire from the wheel at thistime.Rotate the tire 180-degrees on the rim so that thevalve stem reference mark-(8) is now at the6-o'clock position in relation to the valvestem-(6). You may need to lubricate the bead in order toeasily rotate the tire on the wheel.Reinflate the tire and seat the bead properly.Mount the assembly on the tire balancer and remeasure therunout. Mark the new location of the assembly runout high spot onthe tire.If the assembly runout has been reduced and is withintolerance, no further steps are necessary. Balance the tire andwheel assembly, then install the assembly to the vehicle. Refer tothe following:Tire and Wheel Assembly Balancing - Off VehicleTire and Wheel Removal and InstallationIf the clock location of the high spot remained at or nearthe original clock location of the high spot-(7) and theassembly runout has NOT been reduced, the wheel is the majorcontributor to the assembly runout concern.

Tire-to-Wheel Match-Mounting (Vectoring) Wheels

If the clock location of the high spot has moved, however theassembly runout has NOT been reduced, perform the followingsteps:If the clock location of the high spot-(7) is nowat or near a position 180-degrees from the originalclock location of the high spot, the tire is the major contributorto the assembly runout concern.If the clock location of the high spot is now in-between the2 extremes, then both the tire and the wheel are both contributingto the assembly runout concern. Rotate the tire an additional90-degrees in both the clockwise and thecounterclockwise directions to obtain the lowest amount of assemblyrunout.

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