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Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: Hands-Free Phone

General Information

Vehicles with a Hands-Free Phone system can use a Bluetooth-capable cell phone with a hands-free profile to make and receive phone calls.

The infotainment system and voice control are used to operate the system. Not all phones support all functions and not all phones work with the Hands-Free Phone system.

Hands-Free Phone Controls

Use the controls on the infotainment system and the steering wheel to operate the Hands-Free Phone system.

Steering Wheel Controls Steering wheel controls can be used to:

: Press to answer incoming calls.

: Press to end a call, decline a call, or cancel an operation.

Making a Call by Entering a Phone Number

If a wrong number is entered, touch to delete the number one digit at a time, or touch and hold to delete all digits of the number.

Switching a Call to the Cell Phone (Private Mode)

To switch the call from the cell phone to hands-free:

  1.  Touch .
  2.  Touch again to switch back to hands-free.

Turning the Microphone On and Off

Touch to turn the microphone on or off.

Calling by Redial

To call by using redial:

Redialing is not possible when there is no call history.

Taking Calls

When a phone call comes through the connected Bluetooth cell phone, the audio system will be muted or paused and the phone will ring with the relevant information displayed.

Presson the steering wheel controls, or touch on the screen.

To decline the call, presson the steering wheel controls or touch Reject on the screen.

Using the Contacts Menu

  1.  Touch contacts on the phone screen.
  2.  Touch or to scroll through the list.
  3.  Touch the phone book entry to call.
  4.  If there is more than one number associated with the name, touch the number to dial.

Searching for Contacts Entries

  1.  Touch contacts on the phone screen.
  2.  Touch on the contacts screen.
  3.  Use the keypad to input the name to search. For details, see "Searching for a Name" following.
  4.  Touch the phone book entry to call.
  5.  If there is more than one number associated with the name, touch the number to dial.

When the Bluetooth device and infotainment system are successfully paired, the phone book will download. Some phones may not download automatically. If this happens, connect it again or proceed with the phone book download on the phone.

Searching for a Name

Select characters by using the keypad on the phone book screen.

As characters are selected, the names that include those characters will display on the phone book screen. As more characters of the name are entered, the list of possible names is shortened.

To search for the name Alex:

  1.  Touch (abc) to select the first character.
  2.  Touch (jkl) three times to select the second character.
  3.  Touch (def) two times to select the third character.
  4.  Touch (wxy) two times to select the fourth character.

Making a Call from Call History

  1.  Touch Call History on the phone screen.
  2.  Touch one of the following for:
  1.  Select the contact entry to call.

Making a Call with Speed Dial Numbers

Touch and hold the speed dial number using the keypad on the phone screen.

Only speed dial numbers already stored on the cell phone can be used for speed dial calls. Up to two-digit speed dial numbers are supported.

For two-digit speed dial numbers, touch and hold the second digit to make a call to the speed dial number.

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