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Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: Phone

Auxiliary Devices
Using the Auxiliary Input Jack Settings menus and functions may vary depending on vehicle options. The auxiliary input jack can be used to connect external audio devices such as an iPod, iPhone ...

Bluetooth (Overview)
If equipped with Bluetooth capability, the system can interact with many Bluetooth phones, PDAs, or other devices to:  Place and receive hands-free calls.  Transmit hands-free dat ...

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Cooling System Draining and Filling (LEA) Engine Cooling
Special ToolsJ 26568Coolant and Battery Fluid TesterDraining ProcedureWarning:To avoid being burned, do not remove the radiator cap orsurge tank cap while the engine is hot. The cooling system willrelease scalding fluid and steam under pressure if radiator cap orsurge tank cap is removed while the e ...

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