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Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: Bluetooth (Overview)

If equipped with Bluetooth capability, the system can interact with many Bluetooth phones, PDAs, or other devices to:

The device must be paired first. See "Pairing" under "Bluetooth (Infotainment Controls)" later in this section.

To minimize driver distraction, before driving, and with the vehicle parked:

Warning When using a cell phone, it can be distracting to look too long or too often at the screen of the phone or the infotainment system.

Taking your eyes off the road too long or too often could cause a crash resulting in injury or death.

Focus your attention on driving.

Vehicles with a Bluetooth system can use a Bluetooth-capable cell phone with a Hands-Free Profile to make and receive phone calls. The infotainment system is used to control the system. The system can be used while the ignition is on or in ACC/ACCESSORY. See Ignition Positions. Not all phones support all functions and not all phones work with the Bluetooth system. In the U.S. and Canada, see for more information about compatible phones.

The Bluetooth system range can be up to 9.1 m (30 ft).

There may be restrictions on using Bluetooth wireless technology in some locations.

Due to the variety of Bluetooth devices and their firmware versions, the device may respond differently when performing over Bluetooth.

On a current phone call, an image of the current contact from the phone's contact list may be displayed. Not all phones are compatible with this feature.

Refer to the cell phone manufacturer's user guide for questions about the phone's Bluetooth functionality.

Bluetooth Controls

If equipped with Bluetooth capability, use the controls on the infotainment system and the steering wheel to operate the system.

Steering Wheel Controls

See Steering Wheel Controls.


Bluetooth (Infotainment Controls)
To use infotainment controls to access the menu system, see Overview. Pairing A Bluetooth-enabled cell phone must be paired to the Bluetooth system and then connected to the vehicle before it c ...

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