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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Tire Pressure Indicator Sensor Learn TPMS

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Chassis / Wheels/Tires / Tire Pressure Indicator Sensor Learn TPMS

Special ToolsEL-46079 Tire Pressure Monitor Diagnostic ToolEL-50448 Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor Activation Tool

For equivalent regional tools, refer toSpecial Tools.

Learn Mode Description

The tire pressure monitor system uses the instrument cluster, body control module(BCM), 4-radio frequency transmitting pressure sensors, and the serial data circuitto perform the tire pressure monitor learn mode functions. The sensor learn proceduremust be performed after every tire rotation, BCM replacement, or sensor replacement.Once the Learn mode has been enabled, each of the sensors unique identification codescan be learnedinto the BCM memory. When a sensor ID has been learned, the BCM sounds a horn chirpindicating the sensor has transmitted its ID and the BCM has received and learnedit. The BCM must learn the sensor IDs in the proper sequence to determine correctsensor location. The first learned ID is assigned to the left front location, thesecond to right front, the third to right rear and the fourth to left rear. The turnsignals will individually illuminateindicating which location is to be learned in the proper sequence.

Sensor Functions Using EL-46079, EL-50448, or Equivalent

Each sensor has an internal low frequency coil. When the tire pressure monitor specialtool is used in activate mode, it produces a low frequency transmission that activatesthe sensor. The sensor responds to a low frequency activation by transmitting in LearnMode-Remotely Triggered. When the BCM receives a learn mode transmission while inLearn mode, it will assign that sensors ID to the location on the vehicle relativeto the orderin which it was learned.

Learn Mode Cancellation

The Learn mode will cancel if the ignition is cycled to OFF or if more than 2-minuteshas elapsed for any sensor that has not been learned. If the relearn mode is cancelledbefore the first sensor is learned, the original sensor IDs will be maintained. Ifthe relearn mode is canceled after the first sensor is learned, the following willoccur:

All stored sensor IDs will be invalidated in the BCM memory.If equipped, the driver information center will display dashes instead of tire pressures.DTC-C0775 will be set.

These conditions will now require the Learn procedure to be repeated for the systemto function properly.

Tire Pressure Monitor Learn Procedure

Note:In the event when a particular sensor is activated and the horn does not chirp, itmay be necessary to rotate the wheel valve stem to a different position due to thesensor signal is being blocked by another component.

Apply park brake (manual transmission only).Ignition ON, using a scan tool or driver information center buttons (refer to ownersmanual), initiate the Tire Pressure Sensors Learn mode. A double horn chirp will soundindicating the Learn mode has been enabled. The left front turn signal will also beilluminated.Starting with the left front tire, active the sensor by holding the antenna of thetire pressure monitor special tool aimed upward against the tire sidewall close tothe wheel rim at the valve stem location. Press and release the activate button. Ensurethat the transmit indicator on the special tool indicates that the sensor activationsignal is being transmitted. Wait for a horn chirp. If the horn does not chirp, repeatthe sensoractivation sequence with the tool. Once the horn chirp has sounded, the sensor informationis learned and the turn signal in the next location to be learned will illuminate.After the horn chirp has sounded and the right front turn signal is illuminated, repeatstep-3 for the remaining 3-sensors in the following order:Right frontRight rearLeft rearWhen the left rear sensor has been learned and a double horn chirp has sounded, thelearn process is complete and the BCM exits the Learn mode.
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