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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Tire and Wheel Assembly Balancing - On-Vehicle

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Special Tools

EL-38792-AElectronic Vibration Analyzer(EVA)-2

If after following the tire and wheel vibration diagnosticprocess, some amount of tire and wheel vibration is still evident,an on-vehicle high-speed spin balancer may be used to perform anon-vehicle balance in an attempt to finish balance the tire andwheel assemblies, wheel hubs, brake rotors, brake drums, ifequipped, and wheel trim, if equipped, simultaneously. On-vehiclebalancing can also compensate for minor amounts of residual runoutencountered as a result of mounting the tire and wheel assembly onthe vehicle, as opposed to the balance which was achieved on theoff-vehicle balancer.

In order to perform an on-vehicle balancing procedure,carefully follow the on-vehicle balancer manufacturer's specificoperating instructions and carefully consider the followinginformation before proceeding:

Vehicles equipped with low profile, wide tread path, highperformance tires and wheels are susceptible to small amounts ofdynamic imbalance.When performing an on-vehicle balance, great care must betaken when placing the wheel balance weights on the wheels. If thewheel balance weights are not placed accurately, they can actuallyinduce dynamic imbalance and thus increase the severity of thevibration.Inspect the vehicle wheel bearings to ensure that they are ingood condition.Thoroughly inspect all on-vehicle balancing equipment andensure that it is fully within the manufacturer's recommendedspecifications.Do not remove the off-vehicle balance weights. The purpose ofon-vehicle balance is to fine tune the assembly balance alreadyachieved off-vehicle, not to start over.Leave all wheel trim installed whenever possible.If the on-vehicle balancer calls for more than56-g (2-oz) of additional weight, split theweight between the inboard and outboard flanges of the wheel, so asnot to upset the dynamic balance of the assembly achieved in theoff-vehicle balance. For wheel balance weight information, refer toTire and Wheel Assembly Balancing - Off Vehicle.If available, tape-off an area on top of the fenders and thequarter panels, then place the vibration sensor of theEL-38792-AElectronic Vibration Analyzer(EVA)-2on the fender or quarter panel above the specific tire andwheel assembly while it is being on-vehicle balanced.

TheEL-38792-AElectronic Vibration Analyzer(EVA)-2will provide a visual indication of the amplitude of thevibration, and the effect that the on-vehicle balance has onit.

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