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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Separating Parts


Disassembly of the piston, press fit design piston pin, andconnecting rod may create scoring or damage to the piston pin andpiston pin bore. If the piston, pin, and connecting rod have beendisassembled, replace the components as an assembly.Many internal engine components will develop specific wearpatterns on their friction surfaces.When disassembling the engine, internal components MUST beseparated, marked, or organized in a way to ensure installation totheir original location and position.

Separate, mark, or organize the following components:

Piston and the piston pinPiston to the specific cylinder borePiston rings to the pistonConnecting rod to the crankshaft journalConnecting rod to the bearing cap

A paint stick or etching/engraving type tool are recommended.Stamping the connecting rod or cap near the bearing bore may affectcomponent geometry.

Crankshaft main and connecting rod bearingsCamshaft and valve lash adjustersValve lash adjusters, lash adjuster guides, pushrods androcker arm assembliesValve to the valve guideValve spring and shim to the cylinder head locationEngine block main bearing cap location and directionOil pump drive and driven gears
Engine Mount Inspection Engine Block Engine Mounts
Note:Before replacing any engine mount due to suspected fluidloss, verify that the source of the fluid is the engine mount, notthe engine or accessories.Install the engine support fixture. Refer toEng ...

Exhaust Manifold Cleaning and Inspection (LAF, LEA, or LUK) Exhaust Exhaust Manifold
Note:Do not reuse the exhaustmanifold-to-cylinder head gaskets. Uponinstallation of the exhaust manifold, install a NEW gasket. Animproperly installed gasket or leaking exhaust system may effectOn-Boa ...

Other materials:

Range Selector Lever Cable Replacement Automatic Transmission Unit
Removal ProcedureSet the park brake and chock the wheels.Disconnect the transmission range selector lever cable terminal-(1) from the transmissionmanual shift lever pin-(6).Slide the retainer-(4) rearward to release the transmission range selector lever cablefrom the bracket.Remove the left front fl ...

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