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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Replacement Wheels Description Wheels

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Replace the wheel if any of the following conditionsexist:

The wheel exhibits excessive runout.The wheel is bent.The wheel is cracked.The wheel is severely rusted.The wheel is severely corroded.

Note:Air leaks caused by porosity on aluminum wheels arerepairable.

The wheel leaks air.

Warning:If you are replacing the wheel(s), the wheel stud(s), thewheel nut(s) or the wheel bolt(s), install only new GM originalequipment parts. Installation of used parts or non-GM originalequipment parts may cause the wheel to loosen, loss of tire airpressure, poor vehicle handling and loss of vehicle controlresulting in personal injury.

Caution:The use of non-GM original equipment wheels may cause:

Damage to the wheel bearing, the wheel fasteners and thewheelTire damage caused by the modified clearance to the adjacentvehicle componentsAdverse vehicle steering stability caused by the modifiedscrub radiusDamage to the vehicle caused by the modified groundclearanceSpeedometer and odometer inaccuracy

Replace the wheel, the wheel studs and the wheel/nuts, or thewheel bolts if applicable, if any of the following conditionsexist:

The wheel has elongated bolt holes.The wheel/nuts, or bolts if applicable, loosenrepeatedly.

Steel wheel identification is stamped into the wheel near thevalve stem.

Aluminum wheel identification is cast into the inboard sideof the wheel.

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