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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Power Steering Assist Motor Replacement Hydraulic Steering

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Chassis / Steering / Power Steering Assist Motor Replacement Hydraulic Steering

Power Steering Assist Motor Replacement Hydraulic Steering

Power Steering Assist Motor Replacement


Component Name

Caution:Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can damage many solid-stateelectrical components. ESD susceptible components may or may not belabeled with the ESD symbol. Handle all electrical componentscarefully. Use the following precautions in order to avoid ESDdamage:

Touch a metal ground point in order to remove your body'sstatic charge before servicing any electronic component; especiallyafter sliding across the vehicle seat.Do not touch exposed terminals. Terminals may connect tocircuits susceptible the ESD damage.Do not allow tools to contact exposed terminals whenservicing connectors.Do not remove components from their protective packaginguntil required to do so.Avoid the following actions unless required by the diagnosticprocedure:Jumpering or grounding of the components orconnectors.Connecting test equipment probes to components or connectors.Connect the ground lead first when using test probes.Ground the protective packaging of any component beforeopening. Do not rest solid-state components on metal workbenches,or on top of TVs, radios, or other electrical devices.Preliminary ProceduresPrepare the power steering control module for removal. RefertoPower Steering Control Module Programming and Setup.Remove the electronic power steering gear. Refer toSteering Gear Replacement.


Power Steering Assist Motor Bolt (Qty:-3)

Caution:Refer toFastener Caution.

ProcedureRemove the 3-power steering assist motorbolts.

Discard the bolts.

Install 3-NEW power steering assist motorbolts.Tighten



Power Steering Assist Motor

ProcedureRemove the O-ring from the steering gearhousing.

Discard the O-ring.

Install a NEW O-ring around the steering gearhousing.Install the steering gear coupling to the assist motorarmature.Align the steering gear coupling on the assist motor armatureto the steering gear.Align the power steering assist motor bolts to the steeringgear while pressing the motor over the gear housingO-ring.After the installation is complete, proceed with the scantool instructions for preparing the power steering control modulefor removal. Refer toPower Steering Control Module Programming and Setup.

Tip:The power steering control module is part of the powersteering assist motor.

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