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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Park Brake System Description and Operation Parking Brake

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Chassis / Brakes / Park Brake System Description and Operation Parking Brake

System Component Description

The park brake system consists of the following:

Park Brake Lever Assembly

Receives, multiplies, and transfers park brake system applyinput force from driver to park brake cable system.

Releases applied park brake system when lever release buttonis depressed and lever is returned to the at rest position.

Park Brake Cables

Transfers input force received from park brake lever, throughpark brake cable equalizer, to park brake apply lever.

Park Brake Cable Equalizer

Evenly distributes input force to both the left and rightpark brake units.

Threaded front park brake cable adjuster is also used toremove slack in park brake cables.

Park Brake Apply Lever

Multiplies and transfers input force to park brakeactuator/adjuster.

Park Brake Actuator/Adjuster

Uses multiplied input force from apply lever to expand drumbrake shoes toward the friction surface of the brake drum.

Threaded park brake actuators/adjusters are also used tocontrol clearance between the drum brake shoes and the frictionsurface of the brake drum.

System Operation

Park brake apply input force is received by the park brakelever assembly being applied. The input force is multiplied by thelever assembly, transferred and evenly distributed, through thepark brake cables and the park brake cable equalizer, to the leftand right park brake apply levers. The park brake apply leversmultiply and transfer the apply input force to the park brakeactuators/adjusters which expand the drum brake shoes toward thefriction surface of the brake drum in order to prevent the rotationof the rear tire and wheel assemblies. The park brake leverassembly releases an applied park brake system when it is releasedand returned to the at rest position.

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