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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Hydraulic Brake System Description and Operation Hydraulic Brakes

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Chassis / Brakes / Hydraulic Brake System Description and Operation Hydraulic Brakes

System Component Description

The hydraulic brake system consists of the following:

Hydraulic Brake Master Cylinder Fluid Reservoir

Contains supply of brake fluid for the hydraulic brakesystem.

Hydraulic Brake Master Cylinder

Converts mechanical input force into hydraulic outputpressure.

Hydraulic output pressure is distributed from the mastercylinder through 2 hydraulic circuits, supplying diagonally opposedwheel apply circuits.

Hydraulic Brake Pressure Balance Control System

Regulates brake fluid pressure delivered to hydraulic brakewheel circuits, in order to control the distribution of brakingforce.

Pressure balance control is achieved through dynamic rearproportioning (DRP), which is a function of the ABS modulator.Refer toABS Description and Operationfor specific information onthe operation of DRP.

Hydraulic Brake Pipes and Flexible Brake Hoses

Carries brake fluid to and from hydraulic brake systemcomponents.

Hydraulic Brake Wheel Apply Components

Converts hydraulic input pressure into mechanical outputforce.

System Operation

Mechanical force is converted into hydraulic pressure by themaster cylinder, regulated to meet braking system demands by thepressure balance control system, and delivered to the hydraulicbrake wheel circuits by the pipes and flexible hoses. The wheelapply components then convert the hydraulic pressure back intomechanical force which presses linings against rotating brakesystem components.

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