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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Mild Steel

This information provides repair recommendations and generalguidelines for steel classified as Mild Steel. This type of steelnormally has a tensile strength less than 270-MPa. Thisincludes the common steel names of:

Mild SteelBake Hardenable Steel (BH)Solid Solution Strengthened Steel

General Motors recommends the following when repairing orreplacing this type of steel during collision repair.

Recommended Repairs:Cold repairs can be performed on this type of steel, unlessthe damage includes kinks. If the damage includes kinks, the partshould be replaced.Controlled use of heat can be used to repair damage, if theheat does not exceed 650°C (1200°F). The heatshould be applied a maximum of 2-times, for up to90-seconds.Sectioning or partial replacement of this type of steel isrecommended only at approved locations, in a specific sectioningprocedure.This type of steel can be used as a sleeve, or backer plate,when recommended in a specific sectioning procedure.Squeeze Resistance Spot Welding can be used to replacefactory spot welds, where applicableMIG plug welding and MIG stitch welding can be used on thistype of steel.MIG Brazing can be used on this type of steel.
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