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Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: Memory Seats

Memory Seats

If equipped, memory seats allow two drivers to store and recall their unique seat positions for driving the vehicle, and a shared exit position for getting out of the vehicle. Other feature positions may also be set, such as power mirrors and power steering wheel, if equipped. Memory positions are linked to RKE transmitter 1 or 2 for automatic memory recalls.

Before storing, adjust all available memory feature positions. Turn the ignition on and then press and release SET; a beep will sound.

Then immediately press and hold 1, 2, or(Exit) on the driver door until two beeps sound. To manually recall these positions, press and hold 1, 2, oruntil the saved position is reached.

The vehicle identifies the current driver's RKE transmitter number (1-8). See Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System Operation. Only RKE transmitters 1 and 2 can be used for automatic memory recalls.

A Driver Information Center (DIC) welcome message indicating the transmitter number may display for the first few ignition cycles following a transmitter change. For Auto Memory Recall to work properly, save the positions to the memory button (1 or 2) matching the RKE transmitter number displayed in the DIC welcome message. Carry the linked RKE transmitter when entering the vehicle.

Vehicle Personalization Settings

Saving Memory Positions

To save preferred driving positions 1 and 2:

  1.  Turn the ignition on or to ACC/ ACCESSORY.

    A DIC welcome message may be displayed indicating number 1 or 2 for memory recalls.

  2.  Adjust all available memory features to the desired driving position.
  3.  Press and release SET; a beep will sound.
  4.  Immediately press and hold the 1 or 2 memory button matching the above DIC welcome message until two beeps sound.

    If too much time passes between releasing SET and pressing 1 or 2, the positions will not be saved and two beeps will not sound. Repeat steps 3 and 4.

  5.  Repeat Steps 1-4 for a second driver using 1 or 2.

To save positions forand easy exit features, repeat Steps 1-4 using. This stores the positions for getting out of the vehicle.

Manually Recalling Memory Positions

Press and hold 1, 2, orBto recall the previously stored memory positions.

To stop manual recall movement, release 1, 2, or. Recall can also be stopped by pressing a power seat, SET, power mirror, or power steering wheel control, if memory equipped. The driver or passenger side mirror must be selected.

Auto Memory Recall

The vehicle identifies the number of the current driver's RKE transmitter (1-8). See Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System Operation. If the RKE transmitter is 1 or 2, and Auto Memory Recall is programmed on in vehicle personalization, the positions saved to the same memory button number 1 or 2 are automatically recalled when the ignition is turned on, or turned from OFF to ACC/ACCESSORY. RKE transmitters 3-8 will not provide automatic memory recalls.

To turn Auto Memory Recall on or off, see "Vehicle Personalization Settings" previously in this section and Vehicle Personalization.

The transmission must be in P (Park) to initiate Auto Memory Recall. Auto Memory Recall will complete if the vehicle is shifted out of P (Park) prior to reaching the stored memory position.

To stop Auto Memory Recall movement, turn the ignition off or press any of the following memory controls:

If the stored memory seat position does not automatically recall or recalls to the wrong positions, the driver's RKE transmitter number (1 or 2) may not match the memory button number that positions were saved to. Try storing the position to the other memory button or try the other RKE transmitter.

Easy Exit Recall

Easy Exit Recall is not linked to an RKE transmitter. The position stored tois used for all drivers. To turn Easy Exit Recall on or off, see "Vehicle Personalization Settings" previously in this section and Vehicle Personalization.

If turned on, the positions saved to Bare automatically recalled when one of the following occurs:

To stop Easy Exit Recall movement, press any of the following memory controls:


If something has blocked the driver seat and/or power steering wheel while recalling a memory position, the recall may stop. Remove the obstruction and try the recall again.

If the memory position still does not recall, see your dealer for service.

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