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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Lumbar Support Description and Operation Seats

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Lumbar Support Components

The power seat lumbar support systems consist of thefollowing components:

Lumbar switchLumbar horizontal motorCircuit Breaker 25-ALumbar Switch

The lumbar switch provides both power and ground to thelumbar motor. Battery positive voltage is supplied at all times tothe lumbar adjuster switch through a circuit breaker located in therear fuse block. Ground for the lumbar adjuster switch is suppliedfrom the G300 ground stake.

Lumbar Horizontal Motor

The lumbar support motor contains an electronic circuitbreaker (PTC) that will reset only after voltage has been removedfrom the motor. The lumbar horizontal motor moves the lumbarsupport forward and rearward.

When the lumbar switch is operated to move the lumbar supportrearward, battery positive voltage is applied through the lumbarrearward switch contacts and the lumbar motor rearward controlcircuit to the lumbar horizontal motor. The motor is groundedthrough the lumbar forward switch contacts and the lumbar motorforward control circuit to the horizontal motor. The motor runs todrive the lumbar support rearward away from the occupant's backuntil the switch is released. Moving the lumbar support forwardworks similarly to moving the lumbar support rearward, except thatbattery positive voltage and ground are applied on oppositecircuits causing the motor to run in the opposite direction.

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