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The vehicle may have a Driver Information Center (DIC). It displays information aboutthe vehicle and warning messages if there is a system problem detected. DIC messagesdisplay in the center of the instrument cluster. SeeVehicle Messages.

The vehicle may also have features that can be customized through the controls onthe radio. SeeVehicle Personalization.

DIC Operation and Displays

Use the DIC buttons located in the center of the instrument panel to access differentdisplays. The DIC displays trip, fuel, vehicle system information, and warning messages.It also shows the shift lever position, the odometer, and the direction the vehicleis driving.

DIC Buttons

Driver Information Center (DIC)


Press this button to get to the Trip/Fuel Menu and the Vehicle Information Menu.

Q or R

Use these buttons to scroll through the items in each menu. A small marker will movealong the page as you scroll through the items. This shows where each page is in themenu.

SET/CLR (Set/Clear)

Use this button to set or clear the menu item when it is displayed.

Trip/Fuel Menu Items

Press the MENU button until Trip/Fuel Information Menu is displayed. Then press R to scroll through the following menu items:

Digital SpeedometerTrip 1Trip 2Fuel RangeAverage Fuel EconomyBest Average Fuel EconomyAverage Vehicle SpeedTimerNavigationBlank Display

Digital Speedometer

The speedometer shows how fast the vehicle is moving in either kilometers per hour-(km/h)or miles per hour-(mph). The speedometer cannot be reset.

Trip 1 and Trip 2

This display shows the current distance traveled, in either kilometers-(km) or miles-(mi),since the last reset for the trip odometer. The trip odometer can be reset to zeroby pressing SET/CLR while the trip odometer display is showing.

Fuel Range

This display shows the approximate distance the vehicle can be driven without refueling.The fuel range estimate is based on an average of the vehicle's fuel economy overrecent driving history and the amount of fuel remaining in the fuel tank. Fuel rangecannot be reset.

Average Fuel Economy

This display shows the approximate average liters per 100-kilometers-(L/100 km) ormiles per gallon-(mpg). This number is calculated based on the number of L/100 km-(mpg)recorded since the last time this menu item was reset. The fuel economy can be resetby pressing SET/CLR while the Average Fuel Economy display is showing. The displaymay not reset to zero.

Best Average Fuel Economy

The right hand side displays the best average fuel economy (AFE) that is achievedfor a selected distance. The left hand side displays a running average of fuel economyfor the most recently traveled selected distance. The center of the Best AFE menuincludes a digital readout and bar graph to show the instantaneous fuel economy. Quicklypress the SET/CLR button to display a page for selecting one of the distance options.Move the up/downarrow to choose the selection, and SET/CLR to change the setting.

When viewing best AFE, a several second press and hold of SET/CLR will reset the bestvalue. The best value will show “- - -” until the selected distance has been traveled.

The display provides feedback on how current driving behavior in the bar graph affectsthe running average in the left display and how well recent driving compares to thebest that has been achieved.

Average Vehicle Speed

This display shows the average speed of the vehicle in kilometers per hour-(km/h)or miles per hour-(mph). This average is calculated based on the various vehicle speedsrecorded since the last reset of this value. The average speed can be reset by pressingSET/CLR while the Average Vehicle Speed display is showing.


This display can be used as a timer. To start the timer, press SET/CLR while Timeris displayed. The display will show the amount of time that has passed since the timerwas last reset, not including time the ignition is off. Time will continue to be countedas long as the ignition is on, even if another display is being shown on the DIC.The timer will record up to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds (99:59:59) after whichthe displaywill return to zero. To stop the timer, press SET/CLR briefly while Timer is displayed.To reset the timer to zero, press and hold SET/CLR.


This display is used for the OnStar or Navigation System Turn-by-Turn guidance, ifequipped. SeeOnStar Overviewor the Infotainment manual, if equipped.

Blank Display

This display shows no information.

Vehicle Information Menu Items

Press the MENU button until Vehicle Information Menu is displayed. Then press R to scroll through the following menu items:

UnitTire PressureRemaining Oil LifeBlank Display


Press SET/CLR to enter the unit menu. Then press Q or R to switch between METRIC or US when the Unit display is active. Press SET/CLR toconfirm the setting. This will change the displays on the cluster and DIC to eithermetric or English (US) measurements.

Tire Pressure

The display will show a vehicle with the approximate pressures of all four tires.Tire pressure is displayed in either kilopascal-(kPa) or in pounds per square inch-(psi).

SeeTire Pressure Monitor SystemandTire Pressure Monitor Operation.

Remaining Oil Life

This display shows an estimate of the oil's remaining useful life. If REMAINING OILLIFE 99% is displayed, that means 99% of the current oil life remains.

When the remaining oil life is low, the CHANGE ENGINE OIL SOON message will appearon the display. SeeEngine Oil Messages. The oil should be changed as soon as possible. SeeEngine Oil. In addition to the engine oil life system monitoring the oil life, additional maintenanceis recommended in the Maintenance Schedule in this manual. SeeMaintenance Schedule.

Remember, the Oil Life display must be reset after each oil change. It will not resetitself. Also, be careful not to reset the Oil Life display accidentally at any timeother than when the oil has just been changed. It cannot be reset accurately untilthe next oil change. To reset the engine oil life system, press SET/CLR while theOil Life display is active. The display will ask for confirmation of a reset. PressQ or R to select Yes or No. Then press SET/CLR to confirm the selection. SeeEngine Oil Life System.

Blank Display

This display shows no information.


The vehicle may have a compass in the Driver Information Center-(DIC). SeeCompass.

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