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The vehicle brake system consists of two hydraulic circuits. If one circuit is notworking, the remaining circuit can still work to stop the vehicle. For normal brakingperformance, both circuits need to be working


Brake System Warning Light Gauges


Brake System Warning Light Gauges


The brake indicator light should come on briefly as the engine is started. If it doesnot come on have the vehicle serviced by your dealer.

When the ignition is on, the brake system warning light comes on when the parkingbrake is set. The light stays on if the parking brake does not fully release. If itstays on after the parking brake is fully released, there is a brake problem. Havethe brake system inspected immediately.

Warning:The brake system might not be working properly if the brakesystem warning light is on. Driving with the brake system warninglight on can lead to a crash. If the light is still on after thevehicle has been pulled off the road and carefully stopped, havethe vehicle towed for service.

If the light comes on while driving, a chime sounds. Pull off the road and stop. Thepedal might be harder to push or go closer to the floor. It might also take longerto stop. If the light is still on, have the vehicle towed for service. SeeTowing the Vehicle.

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