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Caster Description Wheels

Caster is the tilting of the uppermost point of the steeringaxis either forward or backward, when viewed from the side of thevehicle. A backward tilt is positive-(+) and a forwardtilt is negative-(−). Caster influencesdirectional control of the steering but does not affect the tirewear . Caster is affected by the vehicle height, therefore it isimportant to keep the body at its designed height. Overloading thevehicle or a weak or sagging rear spring will affect caster. Whenthe rear of the vehicle is lower than its designated trim height,the front suspension moves to a more positive caster. If the rearof the vehicle is higher than its designated trim height, the frontsuspension moves to a less positive caster.

With too little positive caster, steering may be touchy athigh speed and wheel returnability may be diminished when comingout of a turn. If one wheel has more positive caster than theother, that wheel will pull toward the center of the vehicle. Thiscondition will cause the vehicle to pull or lead to the side withthe least amount of positive caster.

Cross Caster is the difference between the left caster valueand the right caster value.


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