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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Brake Rotor Refinishing Disc Brakes Brake Rotors

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Special ToolsJ-41013Rotor Resurfacing KitJ-42450-AWheel Hub Resurfacing Kit

Note:Do NOT refinish the brake rotors in order to correct any ofthe following complaints:

Growl or squeal brake noisePremature brake lining wearCosmetic or superficial corrosion of the rotor brakingsurfaceRotor discoloration

Refinish the brake rotors ONLY when 1 or more of thefollowing conditions exist:

Groove depth in excess of specificationSevere scoring of the rotor braking surfaceBrake pulsation caused by the following:Lateral runout in excess of specificationBrake rotor thickness variation in excess ofspecificationCorrosion or pitting that is deeper than the rotor brakingsurfaceUse theJ-42450-AWheel Hub Resurfacing Kitin order to clean the wheel bearing/hub.Use a micrometer in order to measure the thinnest point ofthe brake rotor. If the thinnest point of the brake rotor exceedsthe brake rotor minimum thickness, do NOT refinish the brake rotor.Replace the brake rotor.Use theJ-41013Rotor Resurfacing Kitin order to THOROUGHLY clean the rust from the brake rotorflange.Refinish the brake rotor. Refer to the brake lathemanufacturer's operating instructions.

Note:Failure to obtain the best possible braking surface finishmay cause the vehicle to stop with difficulty.

After machining the rotor, use 120-grit aluminumoxide sandpaper and a non-directional rotor finisher, if available,in order to create a non-directional braking surface.Clean the braking surfaces withGM-P/N-12377981 (Canadian P/N 10953463) orequivalent, brake parts cleaner.
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