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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Brake Rotor/Drum Balance Inspection Disc Brakes Brake Rotors

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Chassis / Brakes / Brake Rotor/Drum Balance Inspection Disc Brakes Brake Rotors

Support the vehicle drive axle on a suitable hoist. Refer toLifting and Jacking the Vehicle.Remove the tire and wheel assemblies from the drive axle.Refer toTire and Wheel Removal and Installation.

Warning:Refer toWork Stall Test Warning.

Reinstall the wheel nuts in order to retain the brakerotors.Run the vehicle at the concern speed while inspecting for thepresence of the vibration.

Caution:Do not depress the brake pedal with the brake rotors and/orthe brake drums removed, or with the brake calipers repositionedaway from the brake rotors, or damage to the brake system mayresult.

If the vibration is still present, remove the rotors from thedrive axle, then run the vehicle back to the concern speed.If the vibration is eliminated when the brake rotors areremoved from the drive axle, repeat the test with one rotorinstalled at a time. Replace the rotor that is causing orcontributing to the vibration concern.

Brake Rotor/Drum Balance Inspection Disc Brakes Brake Rotors

If a brake rotor was replaced as a result of following theprevious steps, or if necessary to confirm the results obtainedduring the previous steps, and/or to check the non-drive axlecomponents, perform the following:Mount the brake rotor/drum on a balancer in the same manneras a tire and wheel assembly.

Note:Check brake rotors/drums for static imbalance only; ignorethe dynamic imbalance readings.

Inspect the rotor/drum for static imbalance.

There is not a set tolerance for brake rotor/drum staticimbalance. However, any brake rotor/drum measured in this samemanner which is over 21-g (¾-oz)may have the potential to cause or contribute to a vibration.Rotors/drums suspected of causing or contributing to a vibrationshould be replaced. Any rotor/drum that is replaced should bechecked for imbalance in the same manner.

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