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Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: Vehicle Features

Electronic Range Select (ERS) Mode ERS or manual mode allows for the selection of the range of gear positions. Use this mode when driving downhill to limit the top gear and vehicle speed. See Ma ...

Infotainment System
Base radio information is included in this manual. See the infotainment manual for information on other available infotainment systems. Read the following pages to become familiar with the feat ...

Other materials:

Camshaft Cover Installation - Left Side Valvetrain Camshaft
Special ToolsEN 46101 Spark Plug Tube Seal GuideEN-48383 Camshaft Retaining ToolsFor equivalent regional tools, refer toSpecial Tools.Remove the EN-48383-2 from the rear of the left camshafts.Install the EN 46101 guide onto the spark plug tubes of the left cylinder head.Install the NEW camshaft cove ...

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