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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Sunroof Description and Operation (Tilt and Slide System) Moonroof/Sunroof

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Body / "Roof - Fixed, Leisure" / Sunroof Description and Operation (Tilt and Slide System) Moonroof/Sunroof

The tilt/slide sunroof consists of a moving glass panel and a manual sunshade. Inthe tilt/slide sunroof system the rear of the glass tilts up for venting and slidesbetween the head liner and roof panel as it slides open. The glass is controlled byan integrated motor/controller. The sunshade has a mechanical connection to the glasscausing it to open with the glass and keeping it from closing more than the glass.

The electrical portion of the tilt/slide sunroof system consists of:

Body control module (BCM)Sunroof glass control moduleSunroof control switch assemblyVent control switch assemblySerial Data Bus

The sunroof electrical system uses a master/slave configuration utilizing a serialdata based system for communication. The BCM is designated as the master, while thesunroof control module is configured as the slave.

As the system master, the BCM uses the serial data communication bus to enable ordisable sunroof operation, communicate vehicle information to the sunroof controller,and request sunroof movement. The sunroof controller provides system status and diagnosticinformation to the BCM for diagnostic reporting and operational purposes.

The sunroof glass is controlled by a integrated motor/controller containing the necessaryelectronics, motor, hall effect position sensors, as well as the interface to thedriver control switches. The motor/controller is capable of controlling motion basedon control switch activation and serial data message commands from the system master.

The operational calibrations for the sunroof integrated motor/controller are loadedover the serial data communication bus by the sunroof system master, the BCM.

Sunroof Control Switches

The sunroof control switches are connected directly to the controller. The slidingglass switches provide detent positions for open, express open, off, close, and expressclose. The vent switches provide detent positions for open, off, and close. The controlswitch completes the circuit between two signals provided by the control module, areference ground input and a pull-up voltage provided by an analog to digital switchinput. Thecontrol switches place a different resistor ladder network in the circuit dependingon the function selected. The controller’s analog to digital switch input reads theresulting voltage range and determines the function as indicated in the included charts.

System Protection Functions

Normal operation of the sunroof system may be altered by one of the following events.

Obstacle or Blockage Detection

When enabled, obstacle detection is active only while the sunroof opening is approximately4–200-mm (0.16–7.87-in) when moving in the closing direction. When an obstacle isdetected in this range, the motion in the closing direction will stop and the sunroofwill reverse direction for a short distance. The reversal shall complete regardlessof operating Mode. If the travel is outside the range defined above, the sunroofwill try to continue closing until it detects a motor stall condition or the systemis at one of it’s defined stops.

Motor Stall

If the sunroof is moving in the open or close direction and stops moving for 350-mswhile the switch or serial data command is active, and no obstacle has been detected,the motor shall be turned off to prevent overheating.

Sunroof System Thermal Protection

The sunroof controllers have a thermal protection algorithm to protect the sunroofcontroller and motor from damage due to overheating conditions resulting from immoderatelyswitch actuations. The thermal protection algorithm will cause any new sunroof opencommands to be ignored until the motor is allowed to cool. A number of close requestsduring an over temperature condition will be allowed. If the thermal protection istriggered duringan obstacle detection event, the sunroof reversal shall be finished.

Sunroof Operation

Open to Vent Position

When the sunroof is closed or in a partial vent position and the sunroof vent openswitch becomes active, the sunroof shall begin to express open to the vent position.Sunroof motion shall cease when the sunroof reaches the vent position or if the sunroofsliding glass switch becomes active.

Close from Vent

When the sunroof is in the vent position and the sunroof vent switch enters the Closestate, the sunroof will begin to express close the sunroof. Motion will continue untilthe sunroof has reached its fully closed position or if the sunroof sliding glassswitch becomes active.

Normal Open (Non-Express)

When the sunroof is not in a vent position and the sunroof sliding glass switch isheld in the Open position, the sunroof will begin opening. Motion will continue untilthe switch returns to the Off state or the vent switch transitions to any active state.

Sunroof Express Open

When the sunroof control switch transitions to the Express Open state and the sunroofis not in a vent position, the sunroof will express open until the controller determinesthe sunroof has reached the comfort stop position or the fully Open position, theswitch transitions to another state after first returning to the Off position, orthe vent switch transitions to an active state.

Normal Close (Non-Express)

When the sunroof switch is in the Close state and the sunroof is not in the vent position,the controller will begin moving the sunroof in the close direction. If the vent switchbecomes active the motor will be turned off.

Sunroof Express Close

When the sunroof switch is in the Express Close state and the sunroof is not in avent position, the sunroof will express close until the controller determines thesunroof has reached the fully closed position, or the switch transitions to anotherstate after first returning to the Off position. The sunroof motion will cease ifthe switch transitions back to the Close or Express Close state after returning tothe Off position first orthe vent switch transitions to any active state.

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