Chevrolet Equinox manuals

Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: Starting and Operating

Certification/Tire Label
Label Example A vehicle-specific Certification/ Tire label is attached to the center pillar (B-pillar). The label may show the size of the vehicle's original tires and the inflation pr ...

New Vehicle Break-In
Caution The vehicle does not need an elaborate break-in. But it will perform better in the long run if you follow these guidelines:  Do not drive at any one constant sp ...

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Rear Side Door Window Inner Sealing Strip Replacement Doors
Rear Side Door Window Inner Sealing Strip ReplacementCalloutComponent NamePreliminary ProcedureRemove rear door trim panel. Refer toRear Side Door Trim Panel Replacement.1Rear Side Door Inner Window Sealing StripProcedureStart from the front edge of the door, pull upward on theinner window sealing s ...

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