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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Power Seats System Description and Operation Seats

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Body / Seating / Power Seats System Description and Operation Seats

The driver and passenger 8–way power seat systems each consist of the following components:

Seat adjuster switchSeat horizontal motorSeat front vertical motorSeat rear vertical motorSeat recline motor

The 2-way power seat system consists of a seat adjuster switch and a seat verticalmotor.

Note:If equipped, the passenger seat block diagram is identical to the driver seat.

Power Seat Block Diagram

S64DSeat Adjuster Switch - DriverM56DSeat Recline Motor - DriverM51DSeat Horizontal Motor - DriverM55DSeat Rear Vertical Motor - DriverM50DSeat Front Vertical Motor - DriverHard-Wired

S64D-Seat Adjuster Switch – Driver

M56D-Seat Recline Motor – Driver

M51D-Seat Horizontal Motor – Driver

M55D-Seat Rear Vertical Motor – Driver

M50D-Seat Front Vertical Motor – Driver

Seat Motors

All of the seat motors operate independently of each other. Each motor contains anelectronic circuit breaker (PTC) that opens in the event of a circuit overload andwill reset only after voltage has been removed from the circuit. There are four seatposition motors and one lumbar motor. These are the horizontal motor, front verticalmotor, rear vertical motor, and the seat back recline motor. The seat horizontal motormoves the entireseat forward and rearward. The seat vertical motors may operate independently to tiltthe front or rear of the seat cushion up or down. Both motors can also run simultaneouslyto move the entire seat up or down. The recline motor moves the angle of the seatback forward or rearward.

Seat Operation

The seat switches provide both power and ground to the selected seat motors.

All seat motors are reversible. For example, when the seat horizontal forward switchis pressed to move the entire seat forward, ground is applied through the switch contactsand the seat horizontal motor forward control circuit to the motor. With the horizontalmotor rearward switch contacts closed to the switch B+ circuit, the motor runs inorder to drive the entire seat forward until the switch is released. Moving the entireseat rearwardworks similarly to moving the entire seat forward, except that battery voltage andground are applied on opposite circuits causing the motor to run in the opposite direction.All seat motors are powered this way.

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