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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Heated Seats Description and Operation (Dealer Installed) Seats

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Heated Seat Components

The heated seat system consists of the followingcomponents:

Heated seat switchSeat heating control moduleDriver seat cushion heating elementDriver seat back heating elementDriver seat cushion temperature sensorPassenger seat cushion heating elementPassenger seat back heating elementPassenger seat cushion temperature sensorHeated Seat Operation

Battery positive voltage and ground is supplied to the seatheating control module from the auxiliary power outlet harnessconnector located under the CD player. This voltage is used topower up the heated seat module and to supply power to the seatheater elements. Battery voltage is supplied to the heated seatswitch from the seat heating control module. When a heated seatswitch is pressed, battery voltage is applied through the switchcontacts and the heated seat switch signal circuit to the seatheating control module indicating the heated seat command. Inresponse to this signal, the seat heating control module appliesbattery voltage through the control circuit to the seat heaterelements.

Temperature Regulation

The seat memory control module/seat heating control modulemonitors the seat temperature through the temperature sensor signalcircuit and the temperature sensor (thermistor) located in the seatcushion with the heater element. The temperature sensor is avariable resistor, it's resistance varies as the temperature of theseat changes. When the temperature sensor resistance indicates tothe seat module that the seat has reached the desired temperature,the module opens the ground path of the seat heating elementsthrough the heated seat element control circuit. The module willthen cycle the element control circuit open and closed in order tomaintain the desired temperature.

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