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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Air Conditioning System Seal Replacement

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / HVAC / Cooling / Air Conditioning System Seal Replacement

Removal Procedure

Air Conditioning System Seal Replacement

Remove the seal washer from the A/C refrigerantcomponent.Inspect the seal washer for any signs of damage.Inspect the A/C refrigerant components for damage or burrs.Repair or replace as necessary.

Note:DO NOT reuse sealing washer.

Discard the sealing washer.Installation Procedure

Note:Flat washer type seals do not require lubrication.

Inspect the new seal washer for any signs of cracks, cuts, ordamage.

Do not use a damaged seal washer.

Air Conditioning System Seal Replacement

Using a lint-free clean, dry cloth, clean the sealingsurfaces of the A/C refrigerant components.Carefully install the new seal washer onto the A/Crefrigerant component.The washer must completely bottom against the surface of thefitting.

Note:After tightening the A/C components, there should be a slightsealing washer gap of approximately 1.2-mm(3/64-in) between the A/C line and the A/Ccomponent.

Assemble the remaining A/C refrigerant components. Refer tothe appropriate repair procedure.
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