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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Work Stall Test Warning

Warning:One or more of the following guidelines may apply whenperforming specific required tests in the work stall:

When a test requires spinning the drive wheels with thevehicle jacked up, adhere to the following precautions:Do not exceed 56-km/h (35-mph) whenspinning one drive wheel with the other drive wheel stopped. Thislimit is necessary because the speedometer indicates only one-halfthe actual vehicle speed under these conditions. Personal injurymay result from excessive wheel spinning.If all of the drive wheels are spinning at the same speed, donot exceed 112-km/h (70-mph). Personal injurymay result from excessive wheel spinning.All persons should stay clear of the rotating components andthe balance weight areas in order to avoid possible personalinjury.When running an engine in the repair stall for an extendedperiod of time, use care not to overheat the engine and thetransmission.When a test requires jacking up the vehicle and running withthe wheels and brake rotors removed, adhere to the followingprecautions:Support the suspension at normal ride height.Do not apply the brake with the brake rotors removed.Do not place the transmission in PARK with the drive axlesspinning.Turn Off the ignition in order to stop the powertraincomponents from spinning.When running an engine in the work stall, use the exhaustremoval system to prevent breathing dangerous gases.
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