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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Wheel Drive Shafts Description and Operation Wheels

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Chassis / Wheels/Tires / Wheel Drive Shafts Description and Operation Wheels

Wheel drive shafts are flexible assemblies consisting of aninner tripot joint and an outer constant velocity joint connectedby an axle shaft. The inner joint is completely flexible, and canplunge in and out. The outer joint is also flexible, but cannotplunge in and out. These drive axles are used to transmitrotational force from the transaxle to the front tire and wheelassemblies.

Seal and Clamp

The wheel drive shafts use inboard and outboard joint sealsmade of thermoplastic material, and clamps made of stainless steel.The functions of the seals are as follows:

The seals protect the internal parts of the inboard andoutboard joints.They protect the joint lubricating grease from surroundingdetrimental atmospheric conditions; such as extreme temperatures,ozone gas, etc.They protect the joint lubricating grease from foreignmaterials; such as stones, dirt, water, salt, etc.The seals facilitate angular and axial movement of theinboard joint.The seals facilitate angular movement of the outboardjoint.

The function of the clamps is as follows:

Provide a leak proof connection at both the housing and theaxle shaft for the inboard and outboard joints.

The thermoplastic material performs well against normalhanding, operational wear and conditions. This material however, isnot strong enough to withstand abusive handling or damage due toobjects such as sharp tools or the sharp edge of any othersurrounding component on the vehicle.

Inner Joint

The inner joints are of the tripot design without anover-extension limitation retainer. The inner joints incorporate amale spline which interlocks with the transaxle using snaprings.

Outer Joint

The outer joints are of the Rzeppa, constant velocity jointdesign. The shaft end which mates with the wheel bearing and hubassembly, incorporates a helical spline to assure a tight,press-type fit. This design assures that no end play will existbetween the hub bearing and the drive shaft assembly for addeddurability and reduced bearing noise.

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